As a general rule, when the sun is out we’re a lot more likely to be walking around with a smile on our face. In fact it has actually been scientifically proven that the levels of sunlight that we are exposed to can have a direct influence on our mood, with more positive and energetic patterns of behaviour visible.

As such, it makes sense that one of the main factors that interior designers often look to improve when they work on a room is the levels of natural light that can make its way in.

The main benefit of this is that by allowing more natural light in, you are able to make the room feel bigger and more welcoming, removing any feeling of the room being dark, claustrophobic and inhospitable.

Of course some people may be seeking a darker or cosy atmosphere for their room, and it will differ from property to property depending on the style of the building and the homeowners tastes, however we tend to find that most people are keen to try to improve the levels of light that beam into a room.


What if this is not possible? 

Sadly it is not always possible to add more windows to the walls of your room or introduce a skylight to allow more sunshine in from the ceiling. These changes are not always practical and certainly are not always cheap.

So what can you do to maximize the amount of light in your room? Here at WOW Interior Design we’ve listed our top 5 tips below:


blindsLet the light in

It sounds silly, but a lot of the time there may be a really simple solution to letting light in as a lot of the time the lack of light is down solely to our own choices.

In removing bulking blinds or curtains or removing or changing obstructive netting to a more light-friendly alternative, you can have a massive impact on the general ambience of your room.

If you have 1 window then it makes sense to make sure that the largest area of glass is on show and not hidden away. Small changes can make a massive difference.



As one of an interior designers best friends, mirrors can do a fantastic job of enhancing the existing natural light that is in your room.

Mirrors help to conjure up a feeling of extra space, so as well as being a practical introduction to any room, they also help to create a feeling that the room is bigger than it actually appears.

1 tip is to place 2 mirror of the same size opposite each other, as this can really make the room feel more open.


light-ceilingYour colour choices

The colour of your walls and ceilings can be a strong influencing factor in how light and airy your room feels.

We often recommend that your ceiling is painted a light colour than your walls, as this can help to open up the space at head height and removes any feel of claustrophobia. Light greys and bright white are good choices.

If you have a dark room then you could look to introduce furniture that is lighter in colour and shade. You can always look to add a series of bolder colour statements in the selection of bold accessories (such as light shades and cushions) and appliances.

1 tip we’ve been experimenting with recently is adding a dark coloured trip to the ceiling or floor to compliment a light coloured ceiling and furniture selection.

If the kitchen or bedroom furniture choice that you want is darker in colour then one option you could explore is adding reflective surfaces, as this can often help to give an impression of extra space, much like a mirror.


image3Make the most of your space

At WOW Interior Design we are often brought in to introduce new fitted furniture into people’s homes and we are surprised by the amount of space that is simply wasted by the previous furniture choice.

We always look to make the most of every area of the room. That means changing difficult spaces such as angled ceilings or hideaways into an area that provides a function. In utlising these previously ‘wasted’ areas of the room better, you can generate more space elsewhere in the room.


dustingKeep it clean please…

The easiest suggestion, but one that never sounds like much fun, is to keep your home neat and tidy.

An uncluttered home will naturally be a more relaxing environment than a messy home but by minimizing clutter you are again opening up the levels of space within the room. Don’t waste space on things that shouldn’t be there.

One tip is to make sure that light bulbs, windows and work surfaces are all kept clean, as this will all benefit the levels and quality of light that can enter the room. Dust can be nature’s own curtain!