Technology is constantly evolving, we are always looking for the latest cutting edge advancement to help improve our end product. Colour has always been one of the most important thoughts within your design and an integral part of our workflow.

Colour changes the perceived size and feel of a room. It can make a small room feel larger or a large room cosier. It can be an instant mood changer, make you feel comforted or energised among many more emotions. So it’s always an important choice for the end product.

At WOW we have been able to match door colours to RAL colours for some time because we want to help you make the most of your design.

Now the latest innovations have allowed us to match your kitchen and bedroom furniture to Farrow and Ball colours. Farrow and Ball have long been a company at the cutting edge of interior design. Whether you are looking to match a heritage colour or keep up with the latest trends.

If you are looking to get your kitchen and bedroom furniture to fit with your colour scheme. Maybe you want to match a more striking feature within your design. We at WOW can help you realise your dream interior.